Brand Introduction

How do you choose your personalized skin defensive formula? AQUA Code, joined multi-professional medical and biotechnology teams

that focus on studying and analyzing Asian skin structure and texture details, using water (H2O).

Hydrophilic processing to transform vegetation extract to our daily body skin needs .


Aqua teaches us how to properly purify.

Aqua teaches us how to quickly recharge.

Aqua teaches how to present oneself.

Aqua Code will provide complete skincare protection in just two weeks.


Brand History

AQUACODE continues to create the most appropriate formula for Asian Skin in humid, tropical climates.

From hundreds of sensitive skin patients


AQUACODE’s medical skincare team found that autologous dermal memory is the key to healthy skin,

and excessive cleansing or overloading of ingredients is the leading case of hindering skin regeneration.


First launched in 2006, Aqua Skin: Product collagen essence serum, suitable for post-laser treatment

and sensitive skin use; it has become a major hit in Taiwan.


The second generation rebranded in 2012, Aqua Code : Environmentally friendly and User friendly package

redesigned to love our Earth.


The third generation rebranded in 2014 Aqua Code : discovered vegetable-based formula,

which effectively revitalizes skin and replaces traditional chemical formulas.


The latest generation, Aqua Code “O” series soon to be available in 2016:

utilizes Europe’s natural mountain spring water for effective,long-lasting hydration.